It was a real treat making characters and a variety of cool weapon textures for Trion’s new mmo game called Defiance.



acharacter.obj (click to view in 3D)



Bcharacter.obj (click to view in 3D)



Triton’s Concept:



Steps:  To have different variations of the character I silhouette out the sections of each character so when I start modeling the character I have all the removable parts all together and easy to set up in the various forms of the 6 variations of outfits. Leaving me with 12 or more variations per character A and B in one texture page.

Note taking to help solve future issues: I took notes to help other character modelers solve skin color and hair issues.

Zbrush Model Render: I have a pipeline for hair I do my characters hair in Zbrush to allow me to get the style of hair that I need for in game use.

Low Poly In Maya: Fallowing the concept  in Zbrush they decided to do something a little different with the hat so I made a cool hat hood that they liked.




Weapon Texture Work







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