Character DLC Killer Instinct Xbox One





Character DLC:
















Environment Art:














4 responses to “Character DLC Killer Instinct Xbox One”

  1. Doug says:

    Awesome Stuff, We want to see Battletoads art!

  2. PG says:

    Great work, Amanda!

  3. Michael Stefanczyk says:

    These Killer Instinct photos are amazing! I am saving ever last one I can! If you have more, do you think you could upload them? Really wanted to compliment you on the work, absolutely amazing. KI brought me back to gaming, went from almost 0-10 hours a year gaming to over 1000 in the first year of Xbox One cycle leaving me in top 10% of people playing and honestly, a majority of that is all credited to Killer Instinct. I am baffled that I can goto a gaming store and when I start considering a game, I literally start thinking “will I like this enough to tear me away from KI? Is there a new KI character coming out soon (been monthly since IG took over), if so, no go on new game!” I literally love the game and it keeps getting better! Thank you sooooo much for posting the pics and for all your hard work! Orchid is my main, if you have any more Orchid goodies please unleash them to the world!

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